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RTD for Stator Winding Motor and Generator with protective pouch


This type of temperature detector (RTD) is installed in slot stator motors and generators for monitor the temperature rise and prevent excessive heating that could damage the insulation of the machine.

The RTD is embedded inside a protective casing of insulating material so that the stator coil are wrapped is uniformly along the slot. This method also allows you to install the RTD at any time of the stator.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) recognizes the stator RTD as a standard of protection for motor and generator.

Unlike devices on / off switch, the RTD provide continuous monitoring of this temperature and can from time to time to evaluate the data obtained and thus when there is a rise in temperature of the system outside the machine can continue to take action before any alarm occurs.

The sensitive elements are RTD along its length providing an average temperature reading of the stator. This eliminates the problem of hot spots in the machine pass unnoticed.

The sensing element is manufactured as not to measurement errors when subjected to strong electromagnetic fields, which usually exist in rotating electrical machines.

Because the RTD is installed in the slots of the stator winding, the wiring paths eventually go inside the huge machine to the terminal box and are therefore also subject to these electromagnetic fields that can interfere with the signal cables. To eliminate this problem provide shielded cables for connecting the RTD terminal box.

The RTD manufactured by Fensys meet the specifications of ANSI C50.10-1990, General requirements for synchronous motors.

RTD for two to the stator windings provide extra protection for motors and generators. The second element may be used to monitor the temperature near the machine while the other is used in the control room.

The Fensys manufactures custom templates for many applications.

Because we control every stage of production since the sensor element to the finished product, we have various capabilities.

Examples of special options that we manufacture:
– Elements thermocouples
– Elements thermistors (PTC / NTC)
– Electrically conductive coatings
– Special cables

Send us your specifications or call us to give an exact solution to your problem of temperature measurement.

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